Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Just Hit Repeat

We all need some jams in our life that get us through the week.  And currently I've been rocking out to these.  I've never been hooked on a certain genre as you can see!  Feel free to give my jams a listen.  What are some of your favorites??



Monday, November 12, 2012

Colors you wish you rocked!

I love every color from above!  And with the career path I have chosen I can rock any of them.  But I know most of you out there cannot.  They are oh so inspirational though and some companies are allowing for a smidgen of color here or there.  So if that's the case I say rock whatever you're feeling!



Sunday, October 21, 2012

Terrific Terrariums!

Lately I've had this overwhelming urge to make a room in my house devoted to terrariums.  They are beautiful in color, and just so relaxing to look at.  My goal is to make one some day but I figured that until then I should at least learn how to care for them and get some ideas on how I want it to look.  Here's some fun info I found!

The Botany Factory is such a helpful site!  They assist with care on terrariums, ideas and if you're from the San Francisco area, they even have a list of stockists. 

Whoever would have thought to transform a light bulb into a terrarium!?  

You can also craft together some cute little terrariums and use them as party favors.  Obsessed.  

If you're new to the terrarium scene then I would recommend making one with succulents first.  And who else to turn to when you're new to crafting... Martha!

So go grab an empty glass container and create your own terrarium!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

So Sorry!

It has been oh so long since I've blogged and I feel horrible!  There are many reasons as to why but I'm not a fan of excuses.  So I'm just going to apologize and get back on the blog bus!



Saturday, September 8, 2012

Trendy Nails

Getting trendy via Instagram.  My girl Lauren over at La Petite Fashionista gave me a fabulous idea to use some awesome pictures from Instagram.  Who better to turn to for ideas for Fall trends than our lovely ladies of the web.  So check out the nail trends of Fall '12 and hit these girls up on Instagram! 


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wonderful Weekend

It was so nice to finally have a day to myself. This week just flew by!  My mom and I had decided earlier that we wanted to do some shopping this weekend so Sunday was the perfect day. The weather was amazing which was nice because we went to Evergreen Walk which is an outdoor shopping mall. Here are a few pics frrom our adventure. Enjoy!

Dream bedroom.

I almost passed out from pure joy when I found this gem. 

Bright plates with bugs!

Love anything with a monogram. 

Every cat lady needs a cat dress.  

Currently obsessed with whales.  I sense a new blog post...


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

So exciting!

I cannot believe it's finally here... the 1st issue EVER of La Petite Fashionista Magazine!!  I'm just so proud of Lauren and all the other ladies... such an amazing group.  I'm so honored be part of this project, and so excited to see it grow.


Monday, August 6, 2012


So I've come across this new thing called trash the dress... and it's amazing!  You basically put your dress on and get down and dirty.  Whether it's with paint, dirt, water or even snow.  And if you want, your other half can throw on their fancy frocks and get dirty too!  Here are some of the awesome ones I'll be using as ideas for the future.  *Obviously the snowboarding one is on top of the list. 


Oh so true...


Sunday, July 29, 2012

C is for Color

So I've decided to do a quick post on hair color and how to figure out the perfect/correct shade for yourself.  Most women decide on a shade just because it looks beautiful in front of them.  When really there are actually a few factors that need to be considered.  The main one being skin tone.  
Do you know what your skin tone is?  It's okay if you don't, by the end of the post you'll have it all figured out!  

Skin Tone

So when it comes to skin tone there are only 2 categories that you can fall under, warm or cool.  
And to figure out which one you are there's a very simple test...

Take a peek at the veins in your arms in natural light.
- if the color looks green then you are warm
- if the color looks blue then you are cool

So simple right!? 

Here are some fun ideas if you're warm.

Whitney // Elizabeth // Kim

And if you think you're cool then definitely check out these. 

Anne // Liv // Scarlett