Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Must Haves for Relaxation

Oh my goodness what a crazy past couple days I've had.  Serious intenseness!!  I cannot wait to relax on my next day off (Thursday... it's almost here).  And I figure all of us hard working ladies & maybe gent's as well, could use their own relaxation day.  And if you don't have a full day, read below and check out how to relax with whatever time you may have.  

So sit back, light a candle, and grab a good book or magazine and oh yeah...

Candle // Papasan Chair // Loungewear // Kindle // Jams // Eyewear 


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Now that we are no longer 5 and crayon drawings aren't the most acceptable gift anymore, unless you are some rock star artist and if so that's awesome, we are forced to think outside the box and give a gift that shows that guy that raised you that he is pretty awesome.  I did some research and came up with a few fun yet reasonable ideas.  Hope everyone enjoys! 


Currently Loving

Who doesn't love free things?  And especially when these said free things are fun and sassy?!  I have recently come across Poolga which is an awesome site that has free iPhone & iPad art.  Aka wallpaper.    Some of it is super crazy and you feel like you might need to stare at it for a while and then there are other pieces that I want to just buy and hang around my house.  Here are 2 pieces that I feel just holla warm weather!  

So check it out and spice up your electronics! 


Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lady of Leisure

So the weekend has come to an end.  And oh my gosh am I beat.  My mom has been in town and we have been having so much fun.  She's leaving tomorrow so I'm a tad sad but it's okay, lots of amazing memories where made! 

We were basically ladies of leisure, sipping on local beer, Dogfish Head, noshing on delish breakfasts, and just soaking up all the amazing things downtown Lewes has to offer. 

Hope you all had an amazing weekend as well!


Friday, June 1, 2012

Fresh & Accomplished

by Katie Armour

I just love the beginning of a new month.  It's like a fresh start every 4 weeks.  And this fresh start brings new weather as well.  I figured since we are almost halfway through the year that perhaps I should start a list of things I would like to accomplish for the month of June.  No harm in at least trying right?  

1.  Join a CrossFit gym.  I'm so bored with my workout routine and it's time to spice things up!
2. Paddle board.  I live next to the ocean, I should use it more.
3. Picnic.  The weather & scenery are beautiful, I need to soak it in more.
4.  I want to plant colorful new plants around the house.
5. Be more positive.  No more letting people get to me.

What would be on your list?