Friday, June 1, 2012

Fresh & Accomplished
by Katie Armour

I just love the beginning of a new month.  It's like a fresh start every 4 weeks.  And this fresh start brings new weather as well.  I figured since we are almost halfway through the year that perhaps I should start a list of things I would like to accomplish for the month of June.  No harm in at least trying right?  

1.  Join a CrossFit gym.  I'm so bored with my workout routine and it's time to spice things up!
2. Paddle board.  I live next to the ocean, I should use it more.
3. Picnic.  The weather & scenery are beautiful, I need to soak it in more.
4.  I want to plant colorful new plants around the house.
5. Be more positive.  No more letting people get to me.

What would be on your list?


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