Sunday, October 21, 2012

Terrific Terrariums!

Lately I've had this overwhelming urge to make a room in my house devoted to terrariums.  They are beautiful in color, and just so relaxing to look at.  My goal is to make one some day but I figured that until then I should at least learn how to care for them and get some ideas on how I want it to look.  Here's some fun info I found!

The Botany Factory is such a helpful site!  They assist with care on terrariums, ideas and if you're from the San Francisco area, they even have a list of stockists. 

Whoever would have thought to transform a light bulb into a terrarium!?  

You can also craft together some cute little terrariums and use them as party favors.  Obsessed.  

If you're new to the terrarium scene then I would recommend making one with succulents first.  And who else to turn to when you're new to crafting... Martha!

So go grab an empty glass container and create your own terrarium!


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